Argelius as a pup

December 23, 2005 – September 26, 2010

I remember when Argelius and Scooter would walk with me down to the old camp. Argelius was big and slow, while Scooter was lean and fast. So they found a way to play together. Argelius would stand at the center of the glade, while Scooter would stream in and out of the edge of the woods at top speed like a hyena. Scooter’s challenge was to pass as close to him as possible, while Argelius’ aim was to block Scooter’s drive.

Now Scooter was pretty fast, but Argelius soon found the rhythm. He would jump in the way at the last second, before Scooter could turn to avoid. Wham!

And they did this and did this until Scooter was too hot to run anymore and had to take a swim in the river.

Argelius would go in with him and splash and thrash with him in  the water.

Then they would do it all over again.

Those were great days, watching the dogs play during my wilderness walk. I shall never forget those days. Nor shall I forget Argelius.


One response to “Argelius

  1. Steve,
    Jan told me about Argelius yesterday and I had been praying for him. I’m so sorry you lost that precious dog. I know how it feels to lose a beloved animal. Now I pray the Lord will give you peace and joy knowing your precious dog is no longer suffering. I believe even animals go to heaven. If that is so, he’s there waiting on his master to join him. God bless you Steve.

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