Where do we go from here?

That’s a question only the LORD can answer.

There is no 12 step program on how to discern the LORD’s leading. But I have learned a couple of things that may help a little.

Our study of the Word must be continuous and perpetual. We learn something from it every day. Whether we are skimming the Psalms for guidance, or digging deep in prophecy for clues to our times, we should continue in the Word diligently. And there is a case to be made for keeping up with popular culture, to know how it works, and how it affects people: this can sharpen your Vision. But this is not a substitute for action.

Our fellowship is vital, as we share things we’ve learned and experienced that help others. And it is comforting to know that others are occasionally as vexed as you are. But this is not a substitute for action.

There are times when we run into people and feel moved to share a word or two with them. Do as you are led. But not with everyone; let the Spirit pick the seeds you drop, and move on. Don’t force a contact, but do not reject one either. This is action.

Many times a word you shared with someone will come back to you by the same route, but they will claim it was someone else who told them. Smile, and don’t begrudge this. They are repeating the second witness the LORD sent to them. You were the first, and it takes two witnesses to establish truth. Offer silent praise, and quietly rejoice in the working of the LORD. Let the spotlight go to another, if it serves the truth.

There may be opportunities to share a seed with a gathering, or post things on the internet, or even write in or speak to the media. Be careful here. The scale of the outreach can be very tempting, so don’t gush forth as a torrent. Be circumspect, and stay on point. Say as little as the Spirit will suffer, because you don’t trust your flesh, and the spotlight whips the flesh up into a greedy frenzy. Be sober, and act not as those drunk on new wine. There is a time for martyrdom, and this ain’t it.

Don’t try to convert people. Listen. Use your Vision that is given by the Spirit to discern the opportunity for your testimony, speak to it, and withdraw. Remain available, but don’t be a pest, so as to stain the truth by annoyance. Trust the Spirit to pick up where you left off.

You may have a heart for the lost. Good. We all need that. ┬áBut don’t let your zeal carry you into sounding like a noisy gong that dulls the hearing. Be quiet and listen. Speak once, and withdraw. Trust the Spirit to pick up where you left off.

A well-timed exit speaks louder than a thousand shofars.

Oh, and most of all, don’t worry about your destiny. That would be selfish. Trust the LORD to take you there.


2 responses to “Destiny

  1. I needed a little admonition in a few of these areas. Im gratefull the Lord led me here. Thank you!

  2. Steve, this is exactly what I needed today and so was yesterday’s post. Thank you so much for doing this.

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