It is said that great art is less about the work itself, and more about the vision of the artist.

Whether you’re trying to understand scripture, or just interacting and ministering to people, you need vision.  Vision is the key that lets you see into the hearts of people, or indeed, the heart of God.

Vision lets you see past the superficiality.  Past the mask too many of us wear in our regular lives. Sometimes that vision isn’t perfectly clear. But your vision always tells you if things are not as they seem.

And you need the knowledge gained from vision to really help people. Anybody can throw scripture at a problem, but vision lets you see how and where best to apply that scripture, or doctrine, or teaching, or principle.

Vision takes courage, and courage takes vision.  I don’t know if one comes before the other in the believer’s life.  Maybe you need courage to act on the vision. Maybe you need vision to understand what you see, building courage so you won’t be frightened away.

But I do know that understanding is not complete without vision.  You can’t fake understanding by memorizing catch phrases and verses and dogma.  And you can’t develop this understanding by just reading a book, even if that book is the Bible.  But you do have to read it.  And you have to put it into practice every day, with yourself and the people around you. And then you will begin to see.

I wish I knew how to develop a 42 step plan for how to reach people with the Truth.  Even if I did, it probably wouldn’t work. Because, like I said, you can’t fake understanding. And reducing this to 42 steps would definitely be faking it.

Faking it keeps your eyes on the road in front of you so you don’t make a wrong step.  Bad idea.  You need to look all around you, take in everything and process it all.  You have to really know where you are and where you’re going.  And that takes vision.

So don’t try to fake it.  Have patience and study.  Then get out there.  Live it and breathe it and walk it.  Trust the Spirit.  Don’t look down. Look up.


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