as a little child

Jesus said we are to receive the Kingdom of God as a little child. Do we approach the work He gives us this way as well?

Jesus raises us like little children. He is our Parent. He guides us through trials and adversities with a view toward building and shaping our character, that we might be fit for His work.

You can tell when human children are raised with a character building spirit, by parents with every expectation that they will someday go out on their own. Challenges might give them pause, but they attempt them anyway, displaying the courage that honors their parents. Contrast this to children that are raised in an environment of perpetual safety. Those children seem to be afraid of every booger that walks in the dark, every monster on TV, and every bug in the yard. They are disobedient, rebellious and tell lies to ornament themselves.  Do you see a pattern?

We as adults are no different.  Paul admonishes us to put away the old man and put on the new, likening this to maturity. And this we should do, being conversant in all things spiritual, having a ready answer for any, and displaying the courage that the Father has taught us, to do Him honor. And we can do this, if Jesus is the one that raised us spiritually.  It matters not how we were raised physically by our human parents.

Compared to Him, we are as children and this will never change.  We never move out of the House of God and go out on our own, and if we do we might never get back home, and that would be much to Satan’s delight. So we are adults in the sight of men, but children in the eyes of God. We live in heavenly mansions, but our abode is in the wilderness here on earth.  The lost do it the other way around: they want mansions on the earth, but wander aimlessly in the spiritual wilderness.

And what do we do, when, believing ourselves spiritually mature, we encounter something so big and so frightening that it threatens to melt down our core and irradiate our spirit?

We do like the little girl in the picture.  Put on the 3D glasses so we can see spiritually. Cringe a little bit so we remember we must trust in the LORD.  And do honor to our Father, by taking a deep breath, and facing the blast wave, fallout and all.


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